Wireless Arcade Console

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Pandora's Box Wireless Arcade Stick: Separate console and arcade stick design, the console built in Pandora's Box 4 815 classical arcade games, PS3, PC and XBOX360 joystick signals, wireless receiver. Simultaneously exclusive support to PS3, XBOX360 and PC input.


1.Wireless arcade stick, can control and play game within 10 square meters;

2. Console display exclusive support both HDMI and VGA high-definition video output. No need to worry about the TV only supports one interface, and need to purchase additional video converter conversion.

3.Arcade stick uses 2.4GHZ Bluetooth channel signal link, the effective operating distance up to 30 meters, no longer bound by wire. Anytime, anywhere, you can choose the most comfortable posture to play the game whenever and wherever, put an end to all the trouble wrapped around the cables, from easy entertainment, fun to play!

4. There are the "Free Play Mode" in Pandora's Box 4S, when you are playing the games, you can pause the game as you like, and continue the game when you are free;Or you can exit the game. And can collect the games you like, then these games will show in the first page.