10 Facts Every Die Heart Pac-Man Enthusiast Should Know

 You can find a Pac-man arcade machine for sale in various formats and for many types of consoles. But, nothing compares to the original version, especially when played in a game arcade. Pac-man ensured hours and hours of entertainment for most 80's kids so if you were a fan then, here are 11 Pac-man facts you need to know.


  1. The designer of Pac-man, Toru Iwatani, wasn't a game designer or programmer. After he joined Namco to manufacture pinball machines, he started making arcade games.


  1. The Japanese word paku-paku means chewing or eating which is where the name Pac-man derived from.


  1. It took 18 months to create Pac-man and most of that time was spent making ghosts move separately.


  1. At the same time Pac-man was developed, Namco also developed a game called Rally-X and thought it would be more popular, but they were completely wrong.


  1. Before the release of Pac-man, the most popular arcade games included shooting aliens. Iwatani wanted to attract more female gamers which is evident with the sequel Ms Pac-man.


  1. Popeye's spinach inspired the power-ups in Pac-man while Q-Taro and Casper inspired the ghosts.


  1. Every ghost has a different way of chasing Pac-man. Blinky (red) follows him wherever he goes, Pinky (pink) and Inky (blue) attempts to get ahead of Pac-man by a number of pixels and Clyde (orange) move randomly.


  1. One of the first ever viral videos on YouTube was Pac-man related. It was of a man dressed up as Pac-man and his friends, dressed as ghosts and chasing him. Uploaded nearly 10 years ago, it has 66 million views to date.


  1. Pac-man was one of the first games with breaks - coffee breaks as Iwatani calls them. These intermissions are the cutscenes between levels.


  1. When Pac-man turned 30 in 2010, Google released a browser version for fans to play. And they did. Nearly 500 million hours were spent playing and businesses lost millions due to the loss of productivity.


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