3 Excellent Reasons to Purchase Your Arcade Machines from Home of Arcadia


Opening your own arcade shop is an excellent venture with an extremely positive profit outlook. That is if you purchase your arcade game machines at a reliable supplier and at a reasonable price.


During the 1980s you could find an arcade around every corner but nowadays it's more of a niche concept which is why you need to make sure you purchase the right game machines to attract old timers. Tapping into their nostalgia will ensure many happy returning customers.


Here's why you should consider purchasing your arcade machines from Home of Arcadia:


  1. Variety

Having just one or two machines just won't cut it. You need variety. At Home of Arcadia, we offer various game machines like Pinball, Foosball, Air hockey and a range of classic and bartop arcade games. The game list is endless and you are sure to find all the classics listed.


  1. It's Affordable

The more you pay for your arcade machines, the longer it will take to show a return on investment. If you're looking for competitive prices and quality game machines, you'll find it at Home of Arcadia.


  1. Ordering Is Easy

Everything in life is complicated which is why we decided to make ordering from us as easy as possible. You can add whatever you wish to purchase to your cart without having to create a profile. Once you checkout, you make a payment and shipping is arranged for anywhere in South Africa within three to twenty-one business days.


Home of Arcadia is situated in Johannesburg and we have a showroom you can visit per appointment. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction which is why we take great pride in offering world-class service, even after the sale is completed.


For more information or if you'd like to order your arcade machines, get in touch with the team at Home of Arcadia today.