4 Fun Items to Add to Your Man Cave This Summer

If you don't already have a man cave, you should get one asap! It's the place you go when your wife or girlfriend is angry or if you just want to have some fun with your buddies. But, instead of playing drinking games and watching sports, there are some other things to incorporate to make it even more fun. Below are 4 man cave must-haves that will make your home the place to be.

1. Bartop Arcade Machine
Remember when you spend most of your summer vacation in the cafe around the corner, playing games with your mom's change? Good memories right? Well, it doesn't have to stay a far-off memory any more. You can play those very same games in the comfort of your home with your best buddies.  Think Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Snow Bros and thousands more - you need it!

2. Foosball Table
Playing foosball is good for your health and boosts your brain. No really, it's a fast game and you need to actually use your brainpower to win. It will increase your heart rate too! Also, it's a lot of fun kicking your friends' behinds because you get more practice than they do.

3. Air hockey Table
Similar to the foosball table, it is great for your health, both physically and mentally. It's also extremely affordable. Your house will be the fun house if you own one of these babies, for sure!

4. Pinball Machine

Have you ever met someone who doesn't like playing pinball? Me neither! While pinball machines are a little on the expensive side, they tend to hold their value or even increase in value. There are also a lot of different types of pinball machines to choose from.

Make time for fun in your life when you include one (or all) of these items in your man cave. Get in touch with the team at Home of Arcadia to order yours today!