5 Arcade Machine Games Responsible for Our Best Childhood Memories


Being a child in the '70s and '80s was much more simple than being a kid today. We didn't have smartphones and we didn't spend hours on YouTube watching other people do stupid things. Instead, we played outside and if the opportunity arose to go to the corner shop for bread or milk, we'd spend the change buying chappies and playing Pac-Man (among other games) on the arcade machine.

If we went to an actual arcade, we were in heaven! Our parents would go home broke from all the coins we spent on air hockey, foosball, pinball and arcade games but we were happy! In case you'd like to reminisce about the good old days, here are some of the games we used to play.

Street Fighter
Street Fighter wins hands down as the best, most influential fighting game. All fighting games that came afterwards like Soul Calibur, Tekken and Smash Brothers pay it respect in some way. SF was famous for its iconic cast of fighters and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. It is as fun to play today as it was 20 years ago.

Pac-Man offered hours of entertainment with various maze types, flexible warp paths and random ghost movement. While it's extremely tough to reach the final kill screen aka the end of the game, it is really fun trying.

Space Invaders
Iconic but stressful! That is Space Invaders in a nutshell. Clever sound effects that increase in speed while the aliens move towards your spaceships and racing against time to blow them up, made this game one of the all-time greats.

Mortal Combat

A little more visual than Street Fighter, Mortal Combat broadened the boundaries when it came to fighting. You could literally rip a beating heart out of your enemy along with other gory ends. While this game was a huge hit, it also came with a lot of controversy around the moral value of video games.

Golden Axe
If sword-swinging, hacking and slashing is your thing, you probably loved Golden Axe. Complete with three heroes with their own unique powers and excellent levels that included battling warriors while flying on an eagle.

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