Stand up Arcade Games vs. Bar top Arcade Games

 Whether you're in the market for arcade games for your own pleasure at home, or you're a new arcade owner setting up shop, you need to figure out which type of model you want to purchase - stand up, bar top or both.


Arcade games come in various shapes and sizes but the typical dimensions for stand-up arcade games are 182cm (length) x 71cm (width) x 111cm (depth). When it comes to bar top arcade games the dimensions are as follows: 73cm (length) x 48cm (width) x 55cm (depth). Both options are extremely popular with our clients and it all depends on how you plan to use it.


Bar top game machines offer the advantage of playing while sitting down making them ideal for a bar type setting or as an excellent addition to your man cave. It also gives them an edge over stand up models in public areas due to their wheelchair accessibility. As for game arcades, stand up models are the way to go.


As a supplier of both bar top and stand up arcade game machines and many other games like Pinball, Air hockey, Foosball, Home of Arcadia takes great pride in offering our machines with 960 - 1300 game options. All your childhood favourites are packed into one with our arcade game machines for sale.


All our arcade machines feature LED lighting, external sound control, decal artwork and colour coded trimming. All this at an affordable price too!


Everyone has their own preference and it's interesting to see how a simple design can affect playability. So whether you enjoy playing on your feet or prefer a more relaxed approach, Home of Arcadia has exactly what you're looking for. Browse through our online shop or give us a call. We're more than happy to help you in any way we can! Call us today!