Last Action Hero

Last Action Hero

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The movie was arguably rubbish, but the game makes up for it, this pinball machine is top of the line, it has a shaker motor, a moving crane, 6 ball multi-ball, three electromagnets in the middle of the playfield that activate, its fully loaded for fun.

 Last Action Hero pinballs are hidden the hidden Gem in pinball collecting, people write them off because of the bad movie, but the game is really top notch and once somebody owns one of these they hardly ever resell them. Go play it for free on Pinball Arcade and go have a look for yourself. 6 ball multi-ball with 3 under-table electromagnets  hurtling the balls across the play-field is a WILD experience , not many other games can give.


  • Dimensions: (H) 192cm x (W) 69cm x (L) 140cm
  • Manufacturer: Data East
  • Year: 1993
  • 6-ball Multiball mode
  • Automatic Plunger
  • Game-controlled Magnets (3)
  • 5-bank targets
  • Shaker motor
  • Motorized crane target moves ball from one ramp to another
  • Ripper target when hit returns ball at fast speed,
  • Smart Missile button awards current award when pressed
  • Three electromagnets under the playfield affect ball movement when energized
  • 5,515 units produced 

Players 4

Flippers 3

Ramps 2

Multiball 6