Pandora Box 6 Console with 1300 Games

Pandora Box 6 Console with 1300 Games

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Pandora Box 6 Console with 1300 games 

Product Packing List:

1.Arcade Controller Stick 
2.HDMI cable
3.VGA cable
4.USB cable
5.Power Adapter
6.Power cable (SA plug)
Function Description
1.Connect the display device to play the built-in game
2.Connect the display device,use HDMI type A to type A cable line or VGA HD line connect game console and TV,Projectors, displays and other display devices.
3.Connect the game console power supply,connect home power(100-260V) and game console using a 12V power adapter.
4.TV boot, game console console boot,TV, projector, display device signal source to the corresponding HDMI channel or VGA channel can start to play games.Wiring diagram shown in Picture 2.
5.Pause Game Function This product with the function of pause game. Such as when playing game for a long time and want to have rest, but do not want to stop the game, you can use the pause function, press the PAUSE button, will show pause menu. now the game is stop and wait for your come back. The screen is as follows 
6.Support 1300 Games

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